Monday, May 11, 2009

The Headman

I was more than happy to find a wonderful team of workers in Kalisada, in the first place Ketut Diar, my foreman, always helpful, understanding and overseeing all my projects with never ending patience, enthusiasm and trust in my sometimes probably a bit "strange"concepts...
He has a special liking and big interest in organic farming. His father is the head of the farmer's "kelompok" - group - in Kalisada.
Together with his wife Luhtu he gave me a very warm welcome in the village and since then things are running a lot easier for me than before...
As unfortunately I am not living in Kalisada yet it took a while since the village people and in particular the hard heads and politicians would come down from their perception that we will be building another big "villa project" or some kind of "Hilton Hotel";-), since village voices stopped shouting "the investor comes" whenever I drove down the beach the meantime I am "Sil" again, which feels so much better:-)
The first 2 years were not always easy...especially being under that kind of misconception...meeting after meeting...quite a job...but after all - we have done it and now I can say that it was worth all the hard and sometimes in fact very annoying work...

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