Monday, May 11, 2009

Let's get dirty;-)

Started "cobbing" 2,5 weeks ago. What a great experience!:-))) Hands and feet, mud, water and some rice straw and you are ready to build a wall. It is very satisfying, easy and basic and going along very well. And - as the Balinese would never miss a chance to make a joke - the job is a lot of fun and in times pure slapstick;-)

I decided to build a garden hut first as our trial project. If everything runs well until the end - which I am pretty sure of by now:-) - I will go ahead with this technique for the other buildings as well. Great room climate which you can feel by now already, no single piece of steel, no concrete;-) Love it!

What's next - the vetiver grass is drying in the sun to be used for the roof, I do some further research on a "recipe" for the plastering. The building and the vibes in it give me a very special, absolutely pleasant feeling:-)

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satyaB said...

Adventure! Lovely feeling to see the workers "play" with the building material. the Kid throwing the clay lumb up to the worker on the roof...

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