Friday, May 29, 2009

Rainy weather again...

We had to have a bit of a break - at least at the cob building - as the weather played crazy and it started to rain again...had to cover the building with plastic tarp and wait...

Concentration went on the gardens where we planted more fruit trees and I started to move some of my nursery pots to their final destination. They seem to like their new surroundings the same as I do, look healthy and start growing:-)

In the meantime the roof of the garden hut is nearly finished, we make bamboo shingles. The locals say the building looks "antique";-)

I prepared the plans for the next building - farmshop and office - hope we can start next week. It will be a combination of cob and bamboo. I plan to integrate an earth pipe cooling system and a thermal chimney for natural "air con", very much looking forward to how this will work...:-)

Brigitta's house is coming up amazingly fast! Only 10 days ago the ceiling has been concreted, "cor" (tschorrrr) as they call it here. What an action - a team of 30 workers started working at day break until 2 o'clock in the afternoon with only one very short lunch break, bringing up bucket after bucket of mix in a row...
Luckily - or thanks to the priestess - we will never only started raining at 2:30:-)

By now the window frames are in already and in the next days the roof will be started.

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