Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Latest developments

Although having a lot of work with planning and sometimes wracking my brains with all the necessary research and thoughts, where to get the right materials f.e., making floor plans, electrical plans, plans for the vegetated leach fields and septic tanks for the waste water, piping and so much more things I have never done before, (not to forget about the gardens...) everything is running very well.

With Gede Oka we have a great local builder from Kalisada who is a real multitalented guy working very good in the more usual concrete and brick construction like Brigitta's house, but is also familiar with western standards and luckily does not get scared either when trying other more unconventional things like cobbing, earth pipe cooling etc. Great guy and also very fair with regard to prices! The word we would hear most often when confronting him with more questions, proposals and ideas usually is - "Bisa" which means "can do":-) coming out of his mouth in a very comforting chest note accompanied by a big smile. His lovely wife Komang is taking good care of the "catering":-)

The bamboo shingle roof of the cob garden hut is finished, as well as the earth plastering and I am very happy with all of it.

After laying the earth pipe for cooling

we did the foundations for my next mud building - the future farmshop and office. The bamboo for the poles and roof construction is soaking in the river for 10 days to get eventual bugs out. The foundation has been made and the windows and door frames of coconut wood are fixed in. I think it looks very nice already:-) As the building is pretty close to the water front we decided to use some concrete in the stone foundation but only on the inside of the stones so it will not be visible.

Finally also the wood for the restaurant's and kitchen's roof construction and all the poles have arrived and the roof is getting up. The roof tiles are painted in a light color for keeping the head of the buildings - and mine, too - a few degrees cooler.

And - Brigitta's house will be finished in about 3 week's time and as she is so kind as to offer me to stay in there until I will have my own we will finally be able to move full time to KEV about the middle of July:-) I am so much looking forward to it!!!
P.S.: The cows are the neighbour's...

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