Monday, August 3, 2009

Beautiful Cob

The farmshop is getting shape as well, until now my favorite building, truly sustainable and turning out really pretty:-)
As we used another type of earth than on the garden hut we had to play around with mixtures. Used not enough sand in the beginning which lead to cracks...Fortunately everything turned out well. The walls are hard as hell, even after spraying them with water you need a crowbar to be able to carve them.
The temperature is very nice inside the building, one can really feel the difference, quite a bit cooler than outside.

Village people come and look at it and most of them seem to be pleased and surprised that a "Bule" - Western people - would build in this "old" style...The most surprised is the "grass roof crew", a very special group of people coming from a village high up in the mountains to make the grass mats and put them on the roofs. They are true masters of an old trade and do a wonderful job. The Balinese beach people call them the "primitve mountain tribe". These guys are indeed living in mud huts and would not expect a Western person to build in this style;-)

The counter and tables are built with raw bricks. The thermal chimney still has to get a bit higher. By now we start to cut channels in the walls in order to bury electric cables. Then comes plastering, our first mud floor and painting inside.

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