Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Praise to the gardeners

Diar, Kaca and Acong are exactly the crew I needed and it seems that we developed a very good mutual beneficial relationship. Besides of providing them jobs and a steady income for their families I allocate a big "playground" for organic farming where methods can be tested without facing the risk of loosing income. Unlike in the west there is not such a thing as a financial support for farmers here who are willing to convert their farms to organic methods.

A piece of wire, some bamboo, some stones, some palm leaves, they build supports for plants, shade places for us and our plants, table and little stools for the coffee break, planting trays...incredibly creative, incredibly sweet hearted.
Together we smile at the first flower opening its bud. They bring seeds and seedlings from their homes and road sides. They treat animals with respect, watch the big snake in the pile of bamboo but not kill it. If it is in the way - under the sheet mulch - just throw it out carefully with a stick.

When we finished the pond of the herb spiral I mentioned a frog would be nice in there, few minutes later one of them brings one along in his hands, frog dunks in the pond, big smiles all around.
They feed me fruits and nuts from their home gardens, Balinese sweets. They prepare coffee on the fire place, roast some sweet potatoes in the fire. Nice moments of chatting and dreaming of the future gardens, we could plant this, we could do that...

When I am getting a bit stressed from overseeing my building sites they call me in the garden to relax, they know about the therapeutic effect gardens have on us garden lovers.
They make me happy, very happy. They treat me with respect but also tease me -one of their favorites - putting a flower head on a plant that doesn't flower yet and then wait giggling for my reaction;-) They ask for my advice but are not obedient, they are farmer's sons with knowlegde, experience and self esteem. Lovely guys!

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