Friday, March 19, 2010

Path and Gardens

We laid the path in front of the restaurant and moved about 60 m3 of soil to start with the flower gardens and prepared round beds mixing the soil with homemade bokasih from cow manure, rice husks and leaves. It was then Pak Kaca's idea to "frame" the beds with grass "carpet",which looks really neat.

2 pick ups of trees and flowers have been planted already but there are still quite a few beds to be filled with colors and scent.

In the meantime the vegetable garden has been a bit neglected and is "running wild" but after all this certainly does not hurt the garden and it is still very productive. I pick for my dinner every day. It's just that it takes a bit more time to find the food;-) but there is lots of it. Neverending Aubergines, salads, spinach, spring onions, beet roots, squash, bitter gourds, loofa, broad beans, the first paw paws, pomegranates, lemons and bananas, sweet potatoes of course and chilies, all kinds of herbs and rosella taking over the everywhere, lots of butterflies and birds, frogs in the ponds.

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