Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finally getting there

After a long time some news from North Bali - so much work here, the weather has been not very friendly with us to say the least...but finally we are getting there:-) All the buildings are now in the finishing state, took ages for the mud walls to dry out under that humid conditions...
Even for the gardens it was just too much rain in times...but after all they look good.

I have chosen all the staff that will be in the Kali Manik team for the start, all young people from Kalisada village, I do English training with them and share some basic knowledge about tourism and in particular eco tourism and of course train the cooks.
Next week we will have an eco training for all of them working together with Made Suraja from Bali Idep and Made Chakra from Tri Hita Karana who will come for 4 days.
Really looking forward to this event.

Finally we have set up our temporary website - please visit us at Kali Manik Eco Resort
There will be more work and info on the website in the very near future so stayed tuned.
And - we will finally open in May!:-)

See you soon!,


Dongeng Dusun said...

Hi Silvia,
What a fantastic job you have done, the bungalow look fab!!! Well done!

We have 10 are of land in Bukit and are planing to build a cobs house. We are looking all information, advice, and idea for our projects... can you help us please?


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