Monday, May 11, 2009

Building Start, the Restaurant

January, February and into March we were in the middle of the annual rainy season, no way to start any building...We had some heavy storms and big rains. Power of nature - in particular the sea - was very present and commanded respect as nearly every year in these months...
But finally the rain went somewhere else and I could start building:-) and started with the restaurant as this would be the biggest of all buildings and expenses...I found a local contractor from the village and all I can say - I am overwhelmed! In 14 days 20 workers from the village of Kalisada built what you can see on the following pictures:

Everything went superfine, perfect vibes and morals:-) The group of workers once even touched me to tears when watching them making the concrete floor passing buckets to each other and singing at the same time in scorching heat...more than impressing! For the time being we are waiting for the coconut wood for the roof construction.

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