Friday, May 8, 2009

The Permaculture Course

After settling in my interim rent house at Tukadmungga Beach in fact not far from the "old" Kubu Lalang - can still see it from the balcony - first thing I started was organizing and attending a Permaculture Course.
What an experience! Old friends - mainly women - gathered once again and we all had so much to learn...Agriculture, water, building in the tropics and community projects were our main interests and Norm vant Hoff, our teacher, had more than a lot to tell us about each of the subjects, never getting tired to teach, explain, push and take the group to the edge.
It was breathtaking, thanks to the fantastic teacher and charismatic man Norm, who made these days very special ones for all of us!

For more in detail information about the course please visit
North Bali Permaculture Blog

Norm - together with his wife Linda - is running Sarinbuana Eco Lodge on Mount Batukaru. Have a look at
Bali Eco Lodge, a fantastic place to stay!

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