Friday, March 19, 2010

Some mores pictures

To finish this long due update I post a few more pictures.
I changed the settings for the blog so from now on only one entry will be visible on one page - this mainly because there are many pictures on my blog and for the Indonesian users who might not have such a quick internet access than people in the west the pages might take too long to load...
Just click yourself back - older posts - until the last entry which actually was the Christmas card comes up...Should you wish to see any picture in a bigger format just click on it.

You might have noticed that I decided on a name for my project which is part of Kalisada Eco Village, namely "Kali Manik". "Kali" means the river and "Manik" means the source of everything, so I think it fits quite well.
Love and thanks for your patience!

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Anonymous said...

Terima kasih banyak!!! Thank you very much, my friend, for sending these wonderful pictures and the interesting discriptions after such a long time! I wish I could be in Kalisada to see and feel the original together with you while sunset with a cold drink...

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